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Piggyback Labels, What Are They?


Sterilization piggyback labels

Many types of equipment and consumables, from surgery tools and trays to tip boxes and solution bottles, need to be sterilized prior to use. Often, large containers, such as GenesisTM sterilization containers, with multiple smaller packages are sterilized, either by employing a steam autoclave, dry heat oven, ethylene oxide gas, or gamma irradiation. In many cases, only the large container is labeled before being placed into the sterilization chamber. When preparing materials that need to be sterilized, make sure to use autoclave-resistant piggyback labels, which will resist temperatures up to +150°C/+302°F, withstand the humidity and pressure of steam autoclaves, ethylene oxide gas, and up to 50 KGy of gamma irradiation. This makes labeling efficient, as once the material is clean, the nested labels of the primary label can be peeled off and affixed to each separate box or pack. This also allows you to properly track what material has been autoclaved by providing a physical record that can be placed in your notebook.

Various Piggyback labelsShipping piggyback labels

Shipping is one of the few areas of the lab that don’t require thermoplastic laboratory labels; paper piggyback labels will usually do. The main purpose of a piggyback label in shipping is to track the package once it’s in transit. The nested labels can be applied on multiple different forms and sent to anyone who requires a record of the tracking number to assess where in transit the package is and confirm its delivery.  

Piggyback labels can save you time on printing and applying collections of smaller labels. It’s essential to buy piggyback labels from a company that can custom manufacture your order; they’ll be able to devise an appropriate configuration that’s tailored to your application’s requirements. Buying from a custom manufacturer also means that your labels are tested beforehand, ensuring they won’t fail, no matter the harsh laboratory environments they might encounter.

LabTAG by GA International is a leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty labels and a supplier of identification solutions used in research and medical labs as well as healthcare institutions.

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