GatorCUT Technology and the Need for Speed


The benefits of easy-to-use tape dispensing

The most apparent benefit of GatorCUT is that it saves time. However, this technology is also adaptable. Currently, it’s available for identifying containers stored under cryogenic conditions, including already frozen surfaces, material destined for sterilization, as well as for delicate surfaces requiring an adhesive-free labeling solution.

  • NitroTAPETM: This is LabTAG’s brand of all-purpose permanent cryogenic tape. It’s waterproof, has a temperature range of -196°C to +110°C, and is made with a strong permanent adhesive, so it won’t crack or peel when stored in liquid nitrogen Dewars or ultra-low temperature freezers.
  • CryoSTUCK® Tape: Similar to NitroTAPE with one important added benefit—it can stick to previously frozen surfaces at -80°C, eliminating the need to thaw samples prior to labeling or re-labeling. This means that CryoSTUCK tape can be used to quickly and efficiently label any tubes stored in liquid nitrogen or the freezer that cannot be thawed due to temperature sensitivity.
  • UbiClingTM Tape: This tape provides a means of identifying smooth, untextured surfaces, from mice cages and aquariums to windows and plastic bottles, without employing an adhesive. Instead, it employs static-cling to firmly adhere to glass and plastic surfaces, making it reusable and easily repositionable without ever leaving any residue behind. This tape can be easily dispensed when needed and temporarily affixed to a variety of containers throughout the lab.
  • Removable SteriTAPETM: This removable, autoclave-resistant tape is ideal for identifying surgical instruments, blister packs, sterilization bags, as well as reusable containers intended for use in steam autoclaves. This tape can also withstand deep-freeze conditions, as low as -80°C, providing a versatile identification solution throughout the lab.

Overall, GatorCUT technology opens up new doors for sample identification, making it practical to carry tape and use it to label items the moment it’s needed. Combined with the properties of specialized laboratory tapes, it will help ensure accurate and consistent identification, further optimizing laboratory workflow and reducing the likelihood of critical, time-consuming errors.

LabTAG by GA International is a leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty labels and a supplier of identification solutions used in research and medical labs as well as healthcare institutions.

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